Intervention Kits

Kits can be ordered through PayPal (just click the picture) or by using the Make, Take & Teach Purchase Order Form

We know that children learn best with a hands-on approach to teaching and learning.  Each kit contains at least 15 hands-on activities designed to teach a specific skill during small group instruction. When you order the Make, Take & Teach Intervention Kits you’ll receive all the materials you need to assemble your activities.  Activities are printed in color and on 90lb cardstock.  All the materials are provided in a sturdy Sterilite container.  When needed, activities are printed in triplicate for use with multiple students.  Each kit contains a step-by-step teaching manual which makes the activities ideal for use with either teacher or para-professional led groups.  Ideas for differentiation are also included.  We accept school purchase orders, just click the following link:  Make, Take & Teach Purchase Order Form


The Make, Take & Teach Phonemic Awareness Kit for Teachers contains 15 phonemic awareness activities for use during small group instruction.  This kit addresses the skills of sound isolation, blending/segmenting, and phoneme manipulation.  If you’d like to order the Phonemic Awareness kit, simply click the picture.


The Make, Take & Teach Alphabetic Principle Kit contains 15 hands-on activities designed to teach ABC order, letter identification, beginning sounds and blending simple words.  If you’d like to order the Alphabetic Principle Kit, just click the above picture.


The Short Vowels/CVC Kit contains 16 hands-on activities designed to teach short vowel sounds and consonant-vowel-consonant words.  You know what to do–just click the picture if you’d like more information and to order.


The Make, Take & Teach Consonant Blends and Digraphs Kit contains 15 hands-on activities for teaching common consonant digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th) and blends.  Just click the picture if you’d like to order this kit.


Learning the magic e rule can be a bit tricky for our beginning readers.  This Magic e Intervention Kit contains 15 activities designed to teach and practice this phonics rule.  Click the picture to order or for more information.

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Intervention Kits for Parents

Parents, we know that you play a critical role in supporting your child on their road to becoming a reader.  That’s why we offer the intervention kits just for use at home.  Each kit contains 10 activities for teaching a specific skill.  The kits are designed for use with one child.  If you’d like to order a kit, please visit the Just for Parents section here!