Just for Parents

Intervention Kits for Parents

Make, Take & Teach offers intervention kits just for parents who wish to work with their child at home.  Each kits contains 10 hands-on activities designed to teach a specific skill.

Parent Handouts

Parents, you play such a critical role in your child’s reading development.  The more informed you are reading skills develop, the more tools you will have to help your child on his/her role in becoming a reader.  Make, Take & Teach has developed a series of handouts that you may find helpful.  These handouts are full of ideas and fun activities for developing confident readers.  Enjoy!

Phonemic Awareness Parent Handout- Kindergarten Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about and work with individual sounds in words.  You can help your child develop critical phonemic awareness skills which are a prerequisite for understanding phonics.    If your child is in kindergarten just click the link to download this handout  Phonemic Awareness Parent Handout- Kindergarten
Phonemic Awareness Parent Handout- First Grade

Phonemic awareness skills for first graders are a bit more advanced.  If you have a kiddo in first grade, you’ll want this handout instead.   Just click the following link to download this handout Phonemic Awareness Parent Handout- First Grade


Learning Sight Wordsblogprev Learning sight words can be fun!  Students who easily recognize sight words in text tend to read fluently.  For ideas for teaching and practicing sight words,  Just click the following link   Learning Sight Words
Oral Reading Fluency- Parentblogpic Not quite sure what oral reading fluency is and how to help your child along the journey of becoming a fluent reader?  Just click the following link to download this file Oral Reading Fluency- Parent
Reading Comprehension-Parentblogpic When you download this handout, you’ll receive strategies for helping your child understand what he/she is reading.  Just click the following link Reading Comprehension-Parent