You just have to love that Dollar Tree! It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to have the time to just wander the aisles of our local Dollar Tree. It used to be one of my favorite things to do when I needed to kill 30 minutes or so while waiting for soccer practice to end. The other day I wondered through the toy section and found these adorable large building blocks. In case you travel to the Dollar Tree to pick them up be sure to look on the bottom shelf- they were kind of hiding.

Right away, I knew the possibilities were endless! My first thought was to create an activity for building CVC words. I color-coded the vowels so that they are only on red blocks and then placed the consonants on the other colors. Your students can put the blocks together to see how many words they can build. If you choose, you can work with word families as well by joining the word family and then changing the first consonant to build new words.

For our little pre-K and kindergarten friends, the blocks are ideal for just putting them in abc order!

I was so thrilled with my find that I purchased 8 bags so I had a few left over. What better way to use those extra than to create a similar activity with numbers.

Creating your own letter and number blocks is super easy. Simply print the following file on a full size label, cut around the border of each number or letter and then adhere to a block.

Just click the following link to download this free template: Block Labels

I love to create labels for all my activities so I purchase full size labels in bulk from Amazon.