Alphabetic Principle Activity Pack


The Make, Take and Teach Alphabetic Principle Pack contains 17 hands on activities designed to teach sound-symbol correspondence. The activities contained within this activity pack are ideal for small group intervention. In addition to the activities, two sets of flashcards (keyword flashcards and letter flashcards) and a letter/sound assessment complete with a student tracking form is included. An 19 page teaching manual with step-by-step directions for each activity makes the using activities within the pack ideal for both teacher and para-professional led intervention groups. Children learn best through a hands-on approach to teaching, therefore, you will need to gather some materials to assemble several of your activities. Easy to follow directions for assembling your activities are provided. The following activities are included:

Assessment: Letter/Sound Assessment

Multi-Sensory Teaching of Letters/Sounds: (Multi-Sensory cards for the following activities): Play Doh, Bendaroos, and Plastic Canvas. Mirrors and Phones

Upper- and Lowercase Matching: Upper- to Lowercase Memory

Drill and Practice: Beat the Clock, Fiddle Sticks

Sound-Symbol Activities: Beginning Sound Memory, Bingo, Dominoes, Tee It Up for Sounds, Letter/Sound Sorting, ABC Turtle

Making Words: Clip The Letter, Word Change

Flashcards: Letter Flashcards, Key Word Flashcards

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