Big Bundle of Rhyme


Learning to recognize rhyme and provide rhyming words is a basic phonological awareness skill. Children who understand that words are made up of speech sounds which can be changed to create different words have the foundation needed to become proficient readers. The Make, Take & Teach rhyming activities are ideal for teaching and reinforcing the skill of rhyme. The Big Bundle of Rhyme Activities contains nine of our most popular seasonal and holiday-themed activities. These activities are ideal for either small group instruction or for your literacy centers.

Ice Cream Cone Activity- This activity contains 18 rhyming ice cream cones with 60 ice cream scoops. There are multiple rhyming pictures for each cone.

Rhyming Baseballs- 36 colorful rhyming baseball mitts and baseballs are contained within this activity. Students match the 2 rhyming pictures.

Mitten Match- Students match 30 mitten pairs. Have the students clip the mittens together with a clothespin for added fine motor practice.

Acorn Matching- Welcome fall with the Acorn Match activity. This activity contains 34 rhyming pairs.

Valentine Match- This activity contains 48 adorable rhyming heart matches. You can easily differentiate this activity by using same colored hearts.

Candy Corn Matching- Students practice matching 3 rhyming pictures with the Candy Corn Matching Activity. This activity is an all-time favorite around Halloween and contains 24 candy corns.

Easter Egg Matching- Students also practice matching 3 rhymes with the Easter Egg Matching activity. This colorful activity is a fun Easter-themed activity.

Snowman Rhyme- 31 enchanting snowmen are included in this bundle. This activity is perfect during those chilly winter months.

Apple Rhyme- Students match the rhyming apples and baskets pairs. There are 30 rhyming pairs in this activity.

Labels are provided for each activity to adhere to a storage container or a baggie.