Cluster Reduction- Minimal Pair Deck


The Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech Cluster Reduction deck contains 42 colorful minimal pair cards for the correction of the phonological process of cluster reduction. 13 pages

The following picture/words are contained in this deck: pot/spot, pool/spool, Kate/skate, room/broom, top/stop, tack/stack, nail/snail, key/ski, bake/break, bed/bread, fog/frog, no/snow, tee/tree, tail/trail, cab/crab, row/crow, pain/plain, pay/pray, pie/spy, pin/spin, cool/school, sail/snail, two/stew, sick/stick, seal/steal, sack/stack, sew/snow, rake/break, rip/drip, ray/pray, lead/bleed, lake/flake, lock/clock, lay/play, lamb/clam, ray/spray, ring/spring, take/stake, ripe/stripe, wet/sweat, tar/star, lock/block