Cookie Sheet Pre K K Bundle


The Make, Take & Teach Cookie Sheet Activities are ideal for your classroom literacy centers. Students absolutely love practicing skills on a cookie sheet! The colorful pictures makes the cookie sheet activities a favorite with both teachers and students. When you download the Pre K- K bundle you’ll receive three of the nine volumes.

Volume 1: ABC Order, Rhyme, Building Words
The ABC Order activity contains 9 templates for upper- to uppercase matching, lower-to lower case matching and upper-to lowercase matching. 10 Rhyme templates and 16 Making Words templates with and without letter cues are provided.

Volume 2: Number Order, Number Concepts
The number order activities contain 5 templates for number order 1-10, 4 templates for number order 1-20, and 5 templates for number order 1-100. The number concepts activities contain 2 templates for numeral-number word-and counting. 20 templates which target the following skills: numbers before/after, number word, counting objects with 10 frames and tallies 1-20 are included.

Volume 4: Beginning Sounds, Short Vowels
20 beginning sound sorting templates correspond with the order of introduction of a reading series commonly used in schools. The templates are differentiated and allows for sorting of two or four letter-sounds. Two blank templates are included so you can choose your own letters to sort. 11 short vowel sorting templates are included as well as 228 color pictures!