File Folder Sight Words Lists 7-9


We know that students learn best using a multi-sensory approach. The Make, Take & Teach File Folder Activities for Sight Words offers 4 engaging activities designed to learn and practice the Dolch sight words. When you download this activity you will receive the templates for creating 70 words from the Dolch list (Lists 7, 8 & 9). Simply glue the templates the file folders, laminate and your activities will be ready to go! Assembly directions are included.

Words included in this download:
List 7: black, white, ten, does, bring, goes, write, always, drink, once, soon, made, run, gave, open, has, find, only,us, three, our, better, hold, buy, funny

List 8: warm, ate, full, those, done, use, fast, say, light, pick, hurt, pull, cut, kind, both, sit, which, fall, carry, small, under, read, why, own, found

List 9: wash, show, hot, because, far, live, draw, clean, grow, best, upon, these, sing, together, please, thank, wish, many, shall laugh

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