Final Consonant Deletion- Minimal Pair Deck


The Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs Deck contains 58 colorful minimal pair picture/word cards to remediate the phonological process of final consonant deletion. 15 pages

The following minimal pairs are contained within this deck: sew/soap, row/rope, row/rose, tie/time, tie/tile, tie/tire, she/sheep, Sue/soup, sea/seal, sea/seed, see/seat, pie/pipe, pie/pile, pie/pike, bow/boat, bow/bowl, bow/bone, row/robe, row/rode, row/road, toe/toast, two/tooth, toe/toad, tee/teeth, ten/tent, two/tube, bee/bean, lay/lake, bee/beak, bee/beam, spy/spike, four/fork, weigh/wave, ray/race, K/case, eye/ice, go/goat, go/gold, go/ghost, buy/bike, pea/peak, pea/peel, boo/boot, bell/belt, ray/rain, knee/knead, hoe/home, hay/hail, cow/couch