Fly Swat! Artic Bundle


How much fun can you have with a fly swatter? The Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech Fly Swat! game has certainly been a hit while practicing targeted speech sounds. When you download this bundle you will receive the Fly Swat! game for the following speech sounds: /r/, /l/, /s/ and /z/, /k/ and /g/, and /sh/ and /ch/. This file contains over 400 flies containing pictures with the phonemes in the initial, medial and final position of words. This activity is super easy to assemble. Simply cut out the flies, adhere a velcro dot on each fly and a velcro strip on a fly swatter. Students take turns swatting the flies and naming the pictures on the flies they catch. This activity is a hands-down favorite with students!

89 pages

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