Going Fishing- Fronting and Stopping


When you download the Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech Going Fishing! activity you’ll receive 105 colorful fish with pictures designed to remediate the phonological processes of fronting and stopping. That’s two activities with one download! Simply print the fish single-sided to double-sided (cardstock works best), cut them out, glue a washer on each fish and assemble your fishing rod and you’ll have an activity that can be used over and over again. This activity contains 35 /k/ fish, 10 /g/ fish, 27 /s/ fish, 13 /sh/ fish, 2 /z/ fish, 8 /ch/ fish, 7 /f/ fish and 3 /v/ fish. Your students will have tons of fun catching the fish with their pole and naming the pictures!

43 pages