Homophone Complete Activity Pack


The Make, Take & Teach activity pack for teaching homophones contains 10 engaging activities for teaching this concept. These activities are ideal for use within your independent literacy centers or as instructional activities during small group instruction. Along the activities, a homophones poster and a list of common homophones is provided. The following activities are included in this file:

Teaching Cards- 65 colorful homophone teaching cards are included! These cards are available in 2 sizes. The large cards are ideal for whole group instruction or to post within the classroom. The small cards are great for use within small group instruction.

Homophone Pair Matching- 72 homophone pears are provided! Place the desired pear halves on the table and have your students match the words. This activity is easily differentiated as you choose which and how many pears to use during your lesson.

Dry Erase Pockets for Homophones- Six templates are available for use with dry erase pockets. By using dry erase pockets (laminating is also an option), the templates can be used over and over again. Students complete the sentence using the correct homophone.

Vocabulary Puzzles- Two differentiated homophone vocabulary puzzles are included in this bundle. Students complete the puzzle by matching the homophones. The self-checking features makes this activity ideal for independent centers.

Write It Cards- The self-checking feature of the homophones write-it cards makes this activity ideal for centers. Laminate this activity and use over and over again!

Memory- The classic game of Memory is always a student favorite activity. Two differentiated memory games are included. The first set includes picture prompts while the second set contains only the words.

I Have Who Has- The I Have- Who Has is great for either your centers or for small group instruction. Students demonstrate their understanding of the word by using it correctly in a sentence.

Game Boards- Four colorful game boards are included in this activity pack. These game boards are great for centers.

4-In-A-Row/ Race to the Top- Three 4-In-A-Row game boards and three Race To The Top game boards are included. Directions for each activity are printed on the back. Students demontrate their understanding of the homophone by correcting using the word in a sentence.

155 pages

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