Long Short Vowel Sound Bundle


Those vowels can be so tricky! In order to read and write words correctly, students need to know that vowels can have two sounds- a long sound and a short sound. The Make, Take & Teach Doggone Fun with Long and Short Vowel Sounds! contains 8 hands-on activities for teaching this concept. When you download this file you will receive the following activities:

The self-checking feature of the Long and Short Vowel Cards makes this activity ideal for independent centers. Students name the picture, decide if the vowel is short or long and then places a blunt golf tee in the hole. If the tee is through the red circle, the answer is correct. There are 30 cards contained within this activity.

Game boards are always a hit! Students roll the die and says if the vowel is long or short. The first player to the end wins the game.

Be the first player to cover the game board and win the Bone Dig! game. This file contains 5 Bone Dig! game boards and 48 colorful dog bones containing pictures of words with short and long vowel sounds.

This file contains 90 bright and colorful Long and Short Vowel Teaching Cards. These cards are ideal for either whole group or small group instruction while teaching this concept. These cards can be used for sorting activities too!

60 dog bones with pictures of words containing long and short vowels are included for the Dog Bone Sorting Game. Students take turns choosing a bone and placing the bone in the correct dog dish.

Race to the Top is a super fun center activity. Students try to be the first player to complete a column. All you’ll need is dice and game markers (colorful printable paws have been provided for you). There are 4 boards in this file.

Long and short pups have been provided. Simply print the dogs and glue them on a large craft stick. Say a word and have the students hold up the correct dog indicating if the vowel is short or long.

The Flip Chute is great for centers as it also contains a self checking feature. Students name a picture, says whether the vowel is long or short and then places the picture in the top hole. Wa-lah! the correct answer comes out the bottom! There’s a little bit of assembly required, but the students LOVE this activity!

61 pages

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