Magic e Activity Pack


The activities contained within the Make, Take & Teach Magic e Activity Pack are ideal for use during small group intervention. The Magic e Activity Pack contains 17 hands on activities to teach and practice the Magic e rule. A 13 page teaching manual which provides step-by-step directions for each activity is included. Easy to follow directions for assembling your activities are provided. Your activity pack includes the following activities:

Direct teaching of the Magic e rule: Teaching the Magic e Rule, Dry Erase Boards

Magic e Pairs: Flip the Magic e, Magic e Memory, Clip the Magic e, Magic e Card Game

Reading Words with Magic e: Lotto, Fishing for Magic e, Game Boards, 4 In A Row, Race To The Top, Making Words With Magic e, Make A Word With Magic e Card Game, Rolling Words With Magic e, Reading Words Cards

Reading Sentences: Reading Sentences

Children learn best with a hands-on approach to teaching. The activities in this pack are hands-on activities. You will need to gather some materials to assemble several of the activities All the materials you will need are listed on the assembly directions page.

118 pages

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