Magic e Kit for Teachers


15 engaging activities designed to teach the magic e rule are included in the Make, Take & Teach Magic e Intervention Kit for Teachers. When you order the kit, you’ll receive all the materials and printables needed to create the activities. All activities are printed in color and on 90 lb. cardstock. Many of the activities are printed in triplicate for use with multiple students. We know that students learn best through a hands-on approach to teaching and learning and these activities are hands-on activities, therefore, you’ll need to assemble several of the games. Assembly directions are provided for you. Also included in the kit is a 15 page teaching manual which makes the activities ideal for either teacher or para-professional led groups. The following activities are included:

Teaching the Magic e rule: Magic Wand, Dry Erase Boards

Magic e Pairs: Flip the Magic e, Memory, Clip the Magic e, Magic e Card Game

Magic e Words: Lotto, Fishing for Magic e, Fiddle Sticks, Game Boards, Four In a Row, Race to the Top, Making Words With Magic e, Make a Word With Magic e Card Game, Rolling Words With Magic e

Reading Words and Sentences: Reading Words,Reading Sentences

This kit contains 116 pages of printed activities and the following materials: plastic cup, craft sticks, wooden blocks, plastic counting tiles, bingo chips, clothespins, 3 princess wands, dice, game pawns, dry erase boards, dry erase markers, dowel rods, magnets, and envelopes and baggies to store your activities.

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