Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack


The activities contained within the Make, Take & Teach Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack are ideal for small group intervention. This activity pack contains 16 of our most popular phonemic awareness activities! Hands on activities using colorful and engaging pictures make this a favorite for both teachers and students. Your kit includes a 19 page teaching manual with step-by-step directions for each activity making the activities ideal for both teacher and para-professional led groups. Easy to follow directions for assembling your activities are provided. Your kit includes the following activities:

Isolating Sounds: Beginning Sound Sorting, Bingo Chip Beginning Sounds, Sound Matching, Odd One Out, Doggie, Where’s My Bone?, Where’s My Sound Train

Blending: Race Car Blending

Segmenting: Breaking Up Words, How Many Sounds?, Squaring Up

Phoneme Manipulation: What’s the Scoop?, Doggie Sound Switch

Students learn best with a hands-on approach to teaching. These are hands on activities so you will need to gather some materials to assemble several of the games. A complete listing of materials is contained within this document.