Phonemic Awareness Kit for Parents


Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about and work with individual sounds in spoken words–it is the basis of phonics instruciton. Before children learn to read print, they must first understand that spoken words are made up of separate speech sounds (or phonemes). The Make, Take & Teach Phonemic Awareness Kit for Parents contains 10 activities designed to teach isolating sounds, blending and segmenting. The kit is perfect for parents who wish to work with their child at home. We know that children learn best with a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. The activities contained within this kit are hands-on activities, therefore, you will need to assemble several of the activities. All the printables and materials are provided for you in this sturdy Sterilite container. The kit also contains a 12 page teaching manual with step-by-step directions for each activity. The following activities are included:

Isolating Sounds: Beginning Sound Sorting, Bingo Chip Beginning Sounds, Sound Matching, Odd One Out, Doggie Where’s My Bone?

Blending: Race Car Blending

Segmenting: Breaking Up Words, How Many Sounds?, Ball Toss Segmenting, Bead Slide

The following materials are included: 2 plastic tumblers, ball, How Many Sounds board, race car, dog bone, magnetic bingo chips, button magnet, bead slide, baggies for storing all your activities.

This kit will be shipped right to your front door! Simply assemble the activities and they’ll be ready for you to use with your child.

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