Phonemic Awareness Kit for Teachers


All the printing and materials are provided for you! This kit contains 16 phonemic awareness activities for use during small group instruction. Easy to read directions for each activity makes using the kit ideal for both teacher and para-professional led groups. The activities are printed in vidid color on 90 lb cardstock. We know that children learn best through a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. The activities contained in this kit are hands-on activities, therefore, you will need to assemble several of the activities within this kit. Assembly directions and all the materials are included. Your activities will arrive right at your front door in this sturdy Sterilite container! This kit includes the following activities:

Isolating Sounds: Beginning Sound Sorting, Bingo Chip Beginning Sounds, Sound Matching, Odd One Out, Doggie Where’s My Bone?, Where’s My Sound?

Blending/Segmenting: Race Car Blending, Breaking Up Words, How Many Sounds?, Say It-Move It, Ball Toss Segmenting, Bead Slide

Phoneme Manipulation: Memory, What’s The Scoop, Doggie Sound Switch

In addition to 125 printed pages, this kit also includes the following materials: race cars, balls, cups, magnetic bingo chips, colored bingo chips, plastic counting squares, dog bones, craft sticks, envelopes and baggies for storage.

The Phonemic Awareness Intervention Kit is shipped right to your front door. Simply assemble your activities and your kit is ready to use!

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