Pumpkin Patch Fronting and Stopping


The Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech Pumpkin Patch activity is a fun fall-themed activity designed to remediate the phonological processes of fronting and stopping. When you download this file, you’ll receive 81 colorful pumpkins with pictures for discriminating front/back and long/short sounds.

14 minimal pairs (28 total pictures): can/tan, key/tea, tape/cape, car/tar, sat/sack, cab/tab, tool/cool, net/neck, gate/date, deer/gear, bake/bait, back/bat, bed/beg, bike/bite

Additional pictures: comb, cub, cake, cone, cow, girl, game, goat, glue, table, tail, tent, tomato, toad, dice, drum, doll

12 minimal pairs (24 total pictures): sack/tack, see/tea, fan/pan, bath/bat, tent/cent, V/bee, sick/tick, rice/write, calf/cap, road/rose, sew/toe, four/pour

Additional pictures: seal, six, soap, sun, sub, shark, shirt, ship, zebra, zip, van, fox, fish, ten, tiger, pie, pin, pen, bean, box, bird, boat

14 pages