SH/CH Sports Bundle


Your sports fans will absolutely love the Make, Take, Teach 4 Speech sports activities for practicing the sh and ch phonemes in all word positions. There are five different sports themed activities contained in this bundle- soccer, football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Simply print the activities single sided to double sided and cut the balls/puck along the dotted line. To play the game, simply place the balls of the desired sport or pucks on the table picture side down and have your students take turns turning over a ball/puck and naming the picture with the correct /sh/ or /ch/ production. If a student chooses a “Goal!/Stole a Base” ball or puck, he/she can pick more, but if a “Penalty/Foul” is drawn all the balls/pucks must be put back in the pile. These games are fast paced offering tons of practice opportunities. For students working on correct production at the sentence level, have them choose a picture and create a sentence. Enjoy!

81 pages

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