Short Vowels/CVC Activity Pack


The Make, Take & Teach Short Vowel/CVC Activity Pack contains 17 of our favorite short vowel/CVC activities. Hands-on activities using colorful and engaging pictures make this pack a favorite with both teachers and students. A 19 page teaching manual which provides step-by-step directions for each activity is included making the activities ideal for both teacher and para-professional led intervention groups. Easy to follow directions for assembling your activities are provided. Children learn best with a hands on approach to teaching. The activities in this kit are hands on activities so you will need to gather some materials to assemble the games. A complete listing of materials is included in the file.
Your activity pack includes the following activities:

Short Vowels: Vowel Sticks, Vowel Snatch, Which Vowel?, Clip The Vowel, Short Vowels Dominoes, and Short Vowel Sorting

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant: Rolling Words, Blend It!, Race Car CVC Words, Fiddle Sticks, Make A Word, Word Building, 4 In A Row, Rats!, Writing Words, Make A Word Card Game, and Memory

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