Short Vowels/CVC Kit for Teachers


The Make, Take & Teach Short Vowels/CVC kit contains 17 engaging activities designed to teach short vowel sounds and consonant-vowel-consonants (CVC) during small group instruction. Many of the activities can easily be adapted for use in your classroom literacy centers. All the printables and materials are provided for you in the sturdy Sterilite container. Activities are printed in color and on 90 lb cardstock. Several activities are printed in triplicate for use with several children. We know that children learn best through a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. The activities contained within this kit are hands-on activities, therefore, you will need to assemble several of the activities. Assembly directions are provided for you. A 15 page teaching manual is included in your kit. The step-by-step directions for each activity makes the kit ideal for either teacher or para-professional led groups. The Make, Take & Teach Short Vowels/CVC kit contains the following activities:

Short Vowels: Vowel Sticks, Vowel Snatch, Which Vowel?, Clip The Vowel, Dominoes, Short Vowel Sorting

CVC: Roll a Word, Blend It! Race Car CVC Words, Fiddle Sticks, Make a Word, Word Building, Rats!, Four In a Row, Writing Words, Make a Word Card Game, Memory

In addition to 115 pages of activities, this kit contains the following materials: Bingo chips, clothespins, dry erase boards, dry erase markers, craft sticks, wooden blocks, metal washers, race cars,counting tiles, and envelopes and baggies to store your activities.

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