Swish! L Phoneme


Your little basketball fans will love playing the Make, Take & Teach 4 Speech Swish! game while practicing the /l/ phoneme in the initial, medial, and final word position. This game is so easy to make! Just print the basketballs single sided to double sided and cut along the dotted lines. To play the game, simply place the balls on the table picture side down and have your students take turns turning over a ball and naming the picture with the correct /l/ production. If a student chooses a “Swish!” ball, he/she can pick more balls, but if a “Penalty” is drawn all the balls must be put back in the pile. When you download this activity you’ll receive 72 colorful basketballs with pictures using the /l/ phoneme, 3 “Swish!” balls and 3 “Penalty” balls.

18 pages

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