Winter Bundle- R Controlled Vowels


The Make, Take & Teach winter-themed bundle for teaching r-controlled vowels contains 5 interactive activities for learning and practicing this phonics concept. These activities are ideal for your small group instruction or as independent activities for your literacy centers. The following activities are contained within this packet:

Sorting Penguins- You’ll receive 60 colorful penguins with words containing r-controlled vowels. Students read the words and then places the penguins on the correct arctic scene.

Lotto- There are 3 colorful lotto boards with 36 words cards in this activity pack. Students take turns drawing cards, reading the words and then covering the pictures on their boards. The first player to cover all their pictures wins the game.

I Have Who Has- This fun interactive game has students reading words with the r-controlled vowel.

4-In-A-Row- Five 4-In-A-Row game boards are included in this packet. Students try to be the first player to get 4 of their colored chips in a row. A board for each r-controlled vowel is provided.

Word Cards- When you download this packet you’ll receive 175 r-controlled vowel word cards. These cards are ideal for sorting activities or for just practice reading words with the r-controlled vowel.

56 pages

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