Winter Bundle Sounds of Ed


The Make, Take & Teach Winter Themed Inflected Endings for Past Tense activities are ideal for either your literacy centers or for small group instruction when teaching the sounds of -ed. When you download this activity you’ll receive 4 engaging winter themed activities for teaching this skill.

Sorting Penguins- The sorting penguins activities contains 96 penguins with words containing -ed endings. Your students read the word on the penguin and then places it in the correct corresponding arctic scene based on pronunciation. A spelling and pronunciation cue cards is also included in this packet.

4-In-A-Row- There are 3 different 4-In-A-Row game boards contained within this download. The 4-In-A-Row game is a great center activity. Students take turns reading the word, changing the word into its past tense form and then placing their chip in the square. The first player to have 4 of their chips in a row wins the game.

I Have, Who Has- When you download this packet you’ll receive 3 differentiated sets of this popular activity. This activity is ideal for use within centers or small group instruction.

Word Cards- Included in this download are 186 word cards- 93 verb cards only and then 93 cards with the past tense included. Using the verb only cards, students can change the tense and then put the word into a sentence. Students can sort cards with the endings included by pronunciation.

73 pages

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