Write It Long Vowel Sounds Bundle


When you download the Make, Take & Teach Long Vowel Spelling Patterns bundle you will receive 278 Write-It cards for the long vowel spelling patterns! Simply print the cards, laminate and bind each vowel grouping with a loose leaf ring. The cards are color-coded for each vowel. Using a dry erase marker, students write the correct vowel spelling within the word. When completed, just wipe the cards clean! You’ll have ready-made activities that will last for years. The following long vowel spelling patterns are contained within this download:

Long a (64 cards): ai, ay, a_e
Long e (47 cards): ee, ea, y
Long i (64 cards): i_e, ie, igh, y
Long o (59 cards): o, o_e, oa, ow, oe
Long u (44 cards): u, u_e, oo, ew, ui, ue

80 pages